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Topography: Landscape of the Body

Landscapes are an all too familiar subject for artists. My goal is to take the familiar and make it the unfamiliar. I believe that the human body can be seen as a landscape, unfamiliar in its complexity and detail.

For example, our most familiar body part, the hand, with its multitudes of groves and swirls, crevices in between the fingers, and mounds formed at the knuckles, when examined closely resembles river beds, valleys, and mountain ranges.

I seek the exotic and beautiful locations on the body to show the similarities between the body and other natural landscapes; to photograph the boulders, mountain ranges, and moon rises.

About the camera: These images were produced by a home-made pinhole camera with a standard 120 film back and a portable flash. The focal length of the camera was set at 34mm to 55mm with the aperture set at f/128 to f/180.

This pinhole camera is made from several cameras cannibalized for parts. I also used plastic sheets, brass tubes and screws from a local hardware store. The camera was designed with flexibility in mind. It will accommodate various film backs, filters and other accessories. The focal length can be adjusted from 34mm to 185mm, and the aperture set from f/128 to f/256 though the use of a turreted brass plate containing 8 pinholes.

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